Senior Medical Coverage

Did you know Medicare Part A and B are managed by the federal government?

Senior Medicare CoverageCoverage parts are described as:

Medicare Part A

Covered services include hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, limited nursing home care, hospice and home health services.

Medicare Part B

Covered services include office visits, lab tests and surgeries that are medically necessary to treat a condition or disease.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage)

Part C provides the same coverage as Medicare part A and B but have additional benefits that vary by plan. Some Medicare Advantage plans include Medicare Part D - prescription drug coverage. Part C is managed by private insurance companies contracted by the federal government.

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plans)

Helps cover the costs of prescription drugs. Part D can be added to Medicare Part A and B, a Medicare supplement policy or a Medicare Advantage, providing the plan does not include prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplement insurance sold by private companies can offset some of the health costs that Medicare alone doesn't cover. Some items Medicare does not cover are co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles.

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